Freed to Love - A Group Study of Romans

God is bigger than our mistakes. His grace frees us when none of our actions could. 

By faith in Jesus Christ, our life has been made new. We learn to love God and love others when we follow His example and walk by the Spirit.

Freed to Love is a 5-week, in-depth Bible study guide through the book of Romans.

How can you study Romans in depth in only 5 weeks without getting overwhelmed? 

Partner up with a few other believers and divide the load. Discover the advantage of studying the Bible together.

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Learning Grace

The struggle within is real. Craving God and enticed by sin, we make choices daily to either walk in freedom or bondage

Allow the gospel of grace to make you soar in freedom. Experience the hope and peace that accompany salvation and grow eager to share the love of Christ with the world. 

The book of Romans encourages us to accept God's grace towards us and extend it to others in response. 
Let the gospel be the cornerstone for your faith, life, and relationships.

Designed for Small Groups

Freed to Love is set up for three or more believers to each dig into a passage of Scripture every week and then share their insights. 

Devotionals at the beginning and end of every week tie the whole book together into one message of grace. Jesus died for our sins so that despite ourselves and due to God's amazing grace, we may be in a relationship with Him forever. What great news!!

Studying by yourself? No problem. Simply go at your own pace.

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Store Scripture in your heart!

Combine your Bible study with Scripture memory for maximum impact. I highlight a verse weekly to encourage your group to memorize Scripture together.

By memorizing these five verses, you will also remember the theme of Romans and trace Paul's message as it unfolds.

It was always God's plan to save us and teach us to walk by the Spirit and live in unity.

Love the One who is bigger than your mistakes!

Join in..